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Welcome to the website The Research!

Make your deepest research quietly.

Do your research through all the data stored on the site. See what kind of article, page or others are in the site .. Remember, the only limitation of the research is the imagination!

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The search engine

You want to search for information as such or as it is on the site So look all the information you want using our internal search engine!

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Forum: Questions and Answers!, offers you a forum with a 100% Questions and Answers category.

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Directory: News and information! just reaching 245 connections accepted. This is not cool!

That said, a novelty and put into service today. It is picked-words, each site reference in a category will also have those keywords in the name of the category in which the links it finds.

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Now you know where we're going to find!

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Gallery Videos & VOD

You've all seen DesRecherches evolving to you always offered better services.

DesRecherches offers thousands of on-demand videos, and to improve the services we plan to make services accessible only to site members from 20/05/2016 from 8:00.

Take the opportunity to register on to find all your videos on the site without restrictions.

Partners and collaborators!

As part of the development of the site I search other sites with a community which conch. I am ready to discuss with all of you to optimized your appearance on the website! true:

  • ~ 13,000 single visitors per month.
  • ~ 8200 members.
  • Free Chat 2 (Including 1 cat that allows member to discuss them in private if they wish)
  • independent forum with several category.
  • Independent directory with multiple category.
  • Site entirely independent of that conch multinational company or large corporation.

So I'm around to talk to you for partnerships and co-workers!