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Many website owner believe they just have to have their products extremely or ask to have a name or shocks to sell massively quickly achieve profitability on the web .. But it is not at all a question?

When a web site is online, it must fight for what this place (as does DesRecherches ..) to find that place and showed the world that it exists.

There is no point putting everything going on sale, lowest cost of any item anywhere .. If you have no visitors and no visibility you never would have even less sales and falling social (sharing social network overlay your brand in people's heads etc. ..).

It is for this one here that DesRecherches to them the idea to create a directory or only the quality of the links posted (if compliance with the French laws and our TOS), while users without needs to be connect to the site can submit their links, thus validations between 48 to 72 hours, with some exceptions (holidays, weekend party and other special days ..).

What is the book ..?!

All website, blog and forum they are dependent on a company, an individual (citizen) or an association, the needs of visitors to make it a profitable minimum.
under our directory here that is helpful to you.It is in one of thes

  • We allow you to be referenced (or at least through your directory profile), on the main Francophone search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo ..).    
  •     We allow you to gain visibility on Google and Bing, provided that you do not abondoniez yoursite web.

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