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DesRecherche | Re-Ref means (DesRecherche. You know - Re is to say Search - Ref is to say .. SEO.). I support you to reference your contained correct ways so that you are best positioned in the search engines. My method is not the most fastidious because it does not exist!


They are:

  • ! Optimizations Referencing Pages: Add the following Tags (Title: To improve your view on Google and bing consort .. - Description: To help Google, bing and consort to have a'' No extract copy | paste '' the pages that are going to visit and also to present it to users who see - Keywords:. to help Google, Bing and consort to better display your keywords contained if actually corresponds to one but also allows users to better find you!). 
  • Increases visibility: You explain what to do to increase your visibility on the web. Put the links of your pages in your forum signature (so that it is displayed when you send a message ..), create blog article by putting links to your pages in it and correct ways and not abusive (if Google and the consort will cheerfully censored your pages ..), I will explain you and also recommend other strategy to know to increase your visibility.

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