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Looking for a website, blogs or a specific forum? Trying to find via search engine dedicated to the directory! It allows you to search all contained from the directory ..

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SEO consultancy,

For online contained owners and who wants to reference them effectively on DesRecherches and specifically on the Internet (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGoGo, DesRecherches and consort ..). The advice and tips that follow you shake extremely helpful!

To start here is the summary:

• How does the search engine ..

• Why my directory profile is behind ..

• Why can not I have no advertising campaign in order to raise my profile in the forefront as on other sites ..

• How to fulfill my directory ..


√ - How the search engine of the directory!

Like any search engine. ours, specifically that specializes in the research and information site in our directory all uses certain criteria as important as each other. To know that all directory listings are well filled (original title .. .. original description keyword related to compliance contained .. French ..) all these little things allows the directory's search engine to do the difference between a simple directory listing with '' little way - not short description detailing or not enough detail - keyword topics out .. '' and a quality directory profile '' original title and not present in the web in general .. - quality descriptions, unique detailing and very well .. - Tags related to contained .. '!

Also know that having a lot of visitors to your profile allows you to be in first place and win even more visibility!

√ - directory sheet in front of everyone!

Like any search engine to our selection criteria that ranges from double to left .. But specifically if your directory profile to pass our tests with the minimum of what they take to be accepted in our directory and it did not many more visitors there will be little chance that you reach the first 5 places. To be sure of reaching the top 5 search results.

√ - Why no PUB search results!

DesRecherches is a small site, which currently do not have the capabilities to create this advertising and to fund such services. But we will ensure that future advertising that can be accecible at any site referenced in the directory ..!

√ - Help me fill my directory!

DesRecherches-directory offers you to list your site, blog and forum services in order to reach a potential of 90 000 single visitors per month! It is important to show these potential users and future customers that your suit them contained and that you are serious here is that some extremely useful advice! [1] Set an original title which is not yet present in the search engines and directories .. Otherwise you tighten wrong reference in our services, but also in other search engines .. [2] Put a unique and original description, even if it explains in great detail the activities of your site, company or other .. but as it is written in good French and not abbreviated your site will have enormous chance to attract visitors, users, clients, and perhaps even staff! [3] Keywords, the same way as the title and description, keywords are extremely important whether on DesRecherches or elsewhere. They allow search engines to have a theme for your insights contained. Also know that if you put keywords on cosmetics while your site is about political make you extremely quickly tumbled in search engines and in our precisely!

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