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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why the pages do not display in its category?


  •     You are on a site that multifunction is normal that they are not displayed, you must write your rocket into the Search Engine and search!


Why all the posts I wrote on the forum disappear?


  •     Because they were written in the wrong and was about to move.
  •     You are not registered on the website, that your message is deleted.
  •     You do not have permission to write in this section.


I just log in anymore is this normal?


  •     If you break the rules of the site is normal. ((This is to say that you've done something wrong or that you have received too much warning))
  •     You may enter the CDM bad or bad ID.
  •     Your account may be temporarily deactivate was due to a problem. ((Whether technical or other))


I received an e-mail warning that what little hold?


  •     An information regarding the use of your account. ((You prevent that you use the site illegally, you are offenses under French laws and you must stop and warning others ..))
  •     It just warn you that risking sanctions.


A user is threatening me and / or insult me all the time, what should I do?


  •     We know. ((So that we can take the necessary measures))
  •     Block this person with all means available.


When new sites are adding it?


  •     The new sites are added every day.


Y did he not reference pages in the Search Engine?


  •     All site pages referenced without exception.


To what hours the new links are added to the Search Engine?


  •     Normally every night.
  •     When we finding one correct links.




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