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You often ask us what what.. See ''DesRecherche'' same who cares .. What brings you these services .. Although we will answer you now in this section !


This Search Engine'' DesRecherche "has been created to allow a maximum number of people can find information for free with the minimum of PUB, and also have a small Social Network alone! Yep, DesRecherche is not that a simple search engine independent juggernaut (Google, Bing, Qwant .. to name a few!) It is also a community website that allows all generations, fans and everyone talking about everything they want in the forum, our Blogs, our web results, our directories (which is more quality) and all our other services.

And of course, to always keep the high quality and respectable requiring us to all persons who wish to use our services that create an account.

Who manages DesRecherche?

Hello there,


My name is Luis Couchi.

I am the founder and administrator of the site managers and DesRecherche.

I offer several services 24 hours 7 Days 24 and 7 as these (Forum - Blog - Directory - Personals - Search Engine and others to discover on site ..)!

I am currently unemployed and I use a platform creations free website (e-monsite.com as you could see) and the pub currently has on it is only there to support servers free.

I have created at the beginning DesRecherche to experiment having a search engine (using the phone in hidden mode ..) But as time to move more I turned to various and diverse community transfer of up to DesRecherche Search Engine Community search site and personal and pro contacts.

Luis Couchi

A project for DesRecherche?

Currently my project is to make a site with DesRecherche these statistics:

  • 500 monthly users to a minimum. 
  • 1,500 visitors a day on average. (Currently 95 visitors / day on average) 
  • Create contests with other organizations and websites every month.

Where to find us?

Here are the places you can find us!


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